Rank 1 over all player on Runescape

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Who is the rank 1 runescape player ? yes , his name is S U O M I
S U O M I (formerly known as S_U__O__M_I, two spaces between the U, O and M) is the rank 1 overall player on the RuneScape Hiscores with 25 skills capped at 200 million experience. He is the first RuneScape player to reach 5 billion experience, and reached the maximum amount of xp in every skill prior to the release of Divination.


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S U O M I created his first runescape account around 2001, but he stopped playing with it because he disliked its name. He decided to try playing RuneScape since his school friends used to play it, and he noticed a lot of children in his school library playing the game. He later created another account called "S U O M I"; he says one reason he chose the name was because he admired the nature in Finland (Suomi is a Finnish word which means "Finland").

Due to commitments with school, S U O M I did not initially have considerable time to play RuneScape. For the first three years of game play, he played as a non-member. He quit the game several times as a result of scams committed against him, but he stated "I always came back to [RuneScape] eventually."

As S U O M I was finishing his school studies, he started to consider setting 200 million experience in all skills as a goal. After seeing Zezima obtain the milestone in multiple skills, he thought it would be cool if someone had 200 million experience in all skills, and he decided to pursue that goal. He attained 200 million experience in his first skill, Fletching, by making magic and yew long bows. The second skill he attained this milestone in was Fishing, followed by Agility, Cooking, Mining, Smithing and Magic. After getting 200 million experience in his first skill, he started to be more open about his goal, and he observed that people wanted to help him achieve it; thus, he decided to visit Clan Chats to ask for donations. He listed several players who he says inspired him to achieve his goal: Allar, Elias, Fire Dancer0, Jebrim, Mi Thrill, Paperbag, Zarfot, and Zezima.

On 21 February 2011, S U O M I attained the maximum total level of 2,496 at the time. He had around 2.025 billion total experience when he maxed, and he became rank 5 overall. S U O M I states that he tried to avoid getting the maximum total level as long as possible, since once players reach the top page of the hiscores, they also experience a lot of negative attention

For the last few years, he was achieving the most experience points on average in RuneScape. On February 9, 2013, S U O M I reached 199,999,998 xp in thieving (where he then stopped training), resulting in a total xp of 4,999,999,998. Adding another 1 xp on February 11, he had 4,999,999,999 xp. He wanted to get 5 billion xp, but had mentioned that he would do that on his birthday, February 21, but it was delayed because he became muted. S U O M I had since decided not to get 5 billion xp for an undetermined time, based on controversy between him and Jagex. However, he accidentally got 5 billion xp on March 18, 2013

On the 18th of March 2013 at about 11am MST, S U O M I accidentally gained his last thieving xp by catching a Guthixian butterfly which is part of the Easter 2013 event. Guthixian butterflies gave experience to a player's lowest skill. S U O M I posted a youtube video about this event. S U O M I is now the first player to max out total XP. Shortly after getting 5bxp, S U O M I received a mute for 3 days, preventing him from throwing a party. At 4pm MST, the highscores officially showed S U O M I having max xp. S U O M I will end up having his 5b party when he reaches 99 woodcutting in runescape 07.

S U O M I started playing Old School RuneScape on 22 February 2013, the day of its release, with the first account he created on RuneScape. He renamed the account "Suomi RS07" (later "Suomi OSRS"), and he was planning on getting the maximum total level in the game. He subsequently abandoned his goal, explaining: "I decided it's better to stop the endless grinding and concentrate on other parts of life too".

S U O M I is such a great guy on runescape, hope all our gamers call be as good as him :)