Players' Gallery

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 472

Time certainly flies when you’re having fun, and having fun is exactly what we’ve been doing while reviewing all of your artistic submissions since last month!

Yes, it was just one month ago that we bought the Players' Gallery back in full force, and we’ve been overwhelmed by the sheer volume and positivity of your response. So, as promised, we’re back this month with another selection of RuneScape-inspired masterpieces for you to enjoy.

There were a lot of worthy contenders, but, after a great deal of discussion, debate and Duel Arena fighting in the studio car park, we’ve selected the eight which made us smile the most. From malfunctioning crashed stars and worried wizards, to a pink mage and a dedicated butterfly catcher - we hope you like our selection too.

We also have the small matter of announcing this month's featured artist... Our most accomplished piece comes from Marikdebie and their submission, “Duel Arena”. Two mighty warriors fighting it out with fire and anti-fire? It’s a sight to behold! Well done to our winner who's bagged a month of RuneScape membership absolutely free.

To check out our winner and the other brilliant entries this month, head on over to Player Gallery 9 this very moment. And, when you’ve done that, you can dive in and discuss our gallery feature, give us feedback and make suggestions to us, all on our official Gallery - Feedback & Ideas forum thread. Get stuck in!

Until next month, let’s see what other artistic wonders you can produce by sending us in your lovingly produced artwork. Just be sure to follow the guidelines on the main gallery page to make sure we can review your entries.