Path Of Exile News: The War For The Atlas Will Get To Xbox One

Date: Dec/19/17 14:21:03 Views: 1158

On December 8, there was an addition "War for Atlas" for the PC version of the action RPG Path of Exile. But the developers said that this DLC will get to Xbox One on December 19 (at 01:00 MSK). Then the console players will also receive 3.1.0a, 3.1.0b and 3.1.0c patches (and the Abyss League will begin).



League Harbinger will end with the closure of servers for maintenance (and this will happen on December 19 at 00:30 GMT). All the characters in this league will be moved to the respective permanent leagues with all the things, the progress of the quests and the hiding places. Items in your cache can be moved to separate sections with the option "Only pick up".


In the War for Atlas, six languages will be available to you: English, German, Spanish, French, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese. Therefore, if you want to change the language in Path of Exile, then change the language of your prefix in the settings.


At the beginning of the league, support kits such as the War for Atlas and the Fall of Oriatia will be available. That is, the owners of the set of "Fall of the Orient" (which will remain on sale until mid-January) will have the opportunity to improve it. Boxes of fire and ice can be bought this week. The section for maps will be available in the first big patch in January 2018 (and the Abyss support kits you will be allowed to purchase in mid-January).




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