Not Only Gold but Also Draw Chance

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 394
The customers who bought gold from our website know they can always get bonus all around the year. Recently, we posted new activity about draw chance. What you need to note is the draw chance is not for all gold order, we have limit gold package on our site, you can find the details when you try to buy runescape gold on our site page. If you bought 100M gold, you would extra 20M bonus and free 5 draw chances. If you bought 200M gold, you would get extra 40M bonus and free 10 draw chances. That means if you bought 10M or 50M or something, you would not get draw chances.

Then the question is how the draw chances work. As our customer, you must have signed up on our site, you will find the draw chance link to exchange stuff. More draw chances on your hands, more stuff you will win. Runescape gold is most popular product, so most of them win gold. You only need to contact our service to ask delivery of the stuff which you won. Runescape gold is not only one kind of product in the lucky draw system. You can also win Items or discount code. For items, like your normal order, we also need to buy them in grand exchange for you first. Then trade with you when we are ready. Join runescape gold buying, more draw chances are waiting for you now.