New-Look Dragon Scimitar

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 435

The dragon scimitar is one of RuneScape's more popular weapons of choice and, as such, it deserves to look its best. To that end, we ran a Guaranteed Content Poll in September so that you could pick your favourite new design, which we've released today!

One of the other things about the last version of the dragon scimitar that wasn't appreciated was the wield position, which was due in part to a technical limitation with RuneScape's game engine. We’ve managed to update the engine (explained in more detail in this Dragon Scimitar blog) to give us more freedom in how we can model weapons and how characters can wield them.

We hope you enjoy seeing the new-look dragon scimitar in-game. Players who happen to find themselves on Ape Atoll (say, while monkeying around in the new Do No Evil quest) might like to pay a quick visit to Daga’s scimitar stall to pick one up...