New Jagex Store Launch

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 442

Since we launched the Jagex Store last summer, we've received a lot of feedback and suggestions for improvements that could be made and items that could be added. Seeing how much feedback we received, we decided to go all out and completely rebuild the store from the ground up.

As part of this, we've teamed up with a company called Sunrise Identity, and their partner company BTC Group, who have worked on products for some of the biggest games on both PC and consoles. We wanted to work with a company that could not only address the old store's issues (such as high shipping costs), but also who were the best, and not just at making cool items, but cool items specifically for games.

About the new store

The new store has lots of new items that should have a broader appeal to all players. The best way to see just how the store has changed is to simply go there and check it out for yourself. This re-launch has involved a lot of work and planning, but is just the beginning, so you can look forward to further website upgrades, features, new items and more.

Cheaper shipping

One particular area that we worked hard to focus on was shipping. In the past, players complained of high shipping costs, especially to the US. We took these complaints very seriously, so we have worked with Sunrise to ensure that we are able to ship from more than one global location to reduce the costs of shipping.

Gift and prize draw

To mark the occasion, and to match our festive mood, all orders placed this month will also receive a free gift. If you buy something from the store, you will see a ‘Gift from Jagex' in your shopping basket. It might say $1 or £1 next to it, but don't worry, it's free!

In addition, we will soon be launching a prize draw on the Jagex Store. Prizes will include packs of items from the store and 12-month RuneScape memberships. More details to follow when we launch it.