New Items in the Online Store

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 573

Three awesome new items have been added to the Jagex online store, and are available from today. Continuing with our plans to stock the online store with more stuff, check out our latest additions:

Zamorak hoodie
Bear the crest of the ZMI with this dark, deep red hoodie, lined with the horns of Zamorak inside the hood, and thick enough to keep even the coldest blood warm.

99 Hitsplat shirt
When it comes down to pwnership, the shirt of death says it all! We designed this iconic T-shirt in response to the huge demand we received for a ‘hit-splat'-tee. Enjoy!

Zaros cap
Look and feel like the most stylish of avatars in this Flexfit Zaros-brimmed cap featuring a silver embroidered Zaros icon on the front, with Jagex Game Studios across the back.

Head over to the store now!