More 10th Anniversary Festivities

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 415

Since kicking off the anniversary balloon drops with an impromptu party on Catherby beach on Tuesday afternoon, we’ve seen more chest action than Party Pete normally sees in a month! We're only just getting started, as the frequency and number of parties ramp up as we go into the weekend.

Clue solvers will find more parties if they can solve Mods Crow and Karolina’s cryptic questions.

Talking of evil brain teasers, we’re launching a quiz competition today to test how much you really know about RuneScape and its history. The questions may be tough but it couldn’t be easier to take part. Just go to the quiz thread and reply to the post with your answers. Don’t worry, your answers will be hidden so there’ll be no copying!

If you’re stuck on an answer or two, you might find Part 1 of Paul Gower's History of Runescape helpful. In the first of his two-part Dev Blog Paul talks about the very early life of RuneScape. Pull up a chair, check it out and prepare to stroke your chin in interest.

That’s a fair amount of stuff to keep you anniversaried up to the eyeballs, but you can’t say you’ve done the lot and bought the T-shirt until you’ve literally bought the T-shirt. Fortunately, we’ll be able to help you out with that very soon, as today we announce the winner of our 10th Anniversary T-shirt concept competition. As ever, we had stacks of great ideas and choosing was really hard work. Alongside great anniversary entries we also had loads that would just make great T-shirts (more on those soon). Eventually, with the help of our designers and arty types we finally decided that Ryurinshin had come up with the anniversary T-shirt concept to be sold on our spanking new Jagex Store. Congratulations Ryurinshin, our designers are working on the T-shirt as I type, so you’ll see it in the store very soon indeed.

Finally, whether we made it to your event or not, a massive thanks to all party hosts and attendees. Your support means a great deal and we love you for it. Thanks!