Mobilising Armies

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 510

Mobilising Armies is a new multiplayer combat minigame, but instead of controlling your avatar you’ll be controlling a whole battalion, deploying your squads with tactical precision and trying to second-guess the intentions of your opponents. There are four different scenarios to play in: Conflict, Siege, Hoard and Rescue. Each presents its own set of challenges, such as building catapults, collecting resources and stealing from your opponents, to name just a few. Don’t worry about finding three other players, though: when you turn up at the command centre the officers will arrange your match for you.

As we all know, war isn’t cheap, so with Mobilising Armies we are introducing a commodity-exchange system. If, after training a skill, you’re left with a lot of commodities that you don’t need yourself (e.g. a surplus of jewellery after training Crafting), you’ll be able to trade them in at the command centre for investment credits, which can then be exchanged for squads and special units, such as cannons, barricades or exploding chinchompas. You can also choose to stake investment credits in an impending battle for a larger payout of reward credits, which can in turn be spent on additional items.

There are a variety of rewards for victorious commanders, including quest kits that let you hold much-needed questing tools in one inventory slot, resource locators that’ll teleport you directly to resources such as mining spots and trees, and “spoils of war”, which are a selection of resources, gold and items that will allow you to train your skills further

Good luck, and enjoy!