Merchanting Guide for F2P RuneScape Players

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 996
Now, I'll try to shed a bit of light on the topic of merchanting. Buying low, selling high – that's the main idea. To start, it's recommended to have at least 100k-300k gp. As far as merchanting is concerned, no skills are required and the more cash you have, the more cash you get.

For starters, always merchant things which fluctuate in price a lot. Items such as runes, feathers, ashes and other stuff. For starting off with merchanting, merchant feathers or ashes. Runes, if you're good at reading the prices on the G.E. charts. Firstly, feathers fluctuate a lot. Even thought it's just a few gp in difference, if you can buy for instance 1k feathers, and then those feathers go up by 1 gp, you earn 1k by selling them again. So if you can buy, for example, 1 million feathers, (which can be about 10m) you earn 1m each gp it rises. So if you take things in perspective, you can earn a lot from these cheap items. Ashes also work the same way, plus they're a lot cheaper. They fluctuate between 5gp-6gp, and sometimes even down to 4gp. With 5m in your bank, you can easily earn 1m if you're lucky, marketwise (that is, assuming you can buy 1m ashes).

Other ways of earning can be buying full rune armour parts individually and setting them. With that, you can then sell them for max on the G.E. or slightly less than max price. You can also sell them for max trade (10k for F2P players) to other players in the G.E. Along with armour, weapons can also be sold for a profit in PvP and Bounty Worlds. With a lot of money, a lot of weapons can be purchased in one go, thus earning you a lot of cash with just 1k-3k gp extra for each weapon. Scimitars are the best, simply because PKers use them the most. Foods are also good, for example lobbies. You can simply merchant them in the G.E. by buying them and selling for slightly higher, or selling them to dying players in PvP or Bounty Worlds.

Now, let's say you're filthy rich (highly unlikely, if you're looking at this guide). If not, you can do this when you DO get filthy rich. For ultimate merchanting, holiday drop items are the way to go. From just a time span of half a year, holiday items have more than doubled in their respective prices. The best holiday item to merchant are Santa Hats. If you do want to try this method, buy them when their price is down, which is usually a month or so after Christmas. Their price reaches their peak during the Christmas season, especially now that people have the full Santa Suits. Santa Hats and Halloween Masks are maybe achievable if you try hard enough from now, but as for the Party Hats, sorry for bursting your bubbles, but their prices are rising faster than you could ever make money. So unless you were one of those lucky people who were there at the holiday drops time, you would probably be like the 99.9% of the Runescape population that will never see a Party Hat in their inventory (sorry for going a wee bit off topic there).

Good luck with it.