Menagerie, Familiar Controls and Butlers

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 435

First off, all combat familiars will now follow you into a fight much more promptly. We’ve also updated the Summoning status globe (the button near the minimap) so that you can configure what happens when you left-click on it. One of the many options will allow you to send your familiar into action against an NPC (or another player on a PvP World) with just one quick click.

If you want a place to keep your pets, you can now do this with a new room for Construction - the menagerie. It’s a pet-owned house to complement your player-owned one, if you will, in which you can store a number of fully grown pets of any kind. You could create a haven for all three god birds, for instance, or build your very own little dragons’ den.

While we’re on the subject of houses, your butler has learned when it’s time to talk and when it’s time to get on with it. So, when you are training and need the same materials you just used, you won’t need to explain what you’re after. If they come back from the bank with logs, you can send them straight to the sawmill. And if the butler’s payment is due and you don’t have any money on you, they can fetch it from your bank the next time you send them there. They also follow you around unless told otherwise. Other features include a ‘Make-x’ option for flatpack furniture and teleport tablets, and some options for the Teleport to House spell. You can set the spell to deposit you outside your house’s portal or into your house (with building mode switched on or off). More details for these updates can be found on the Knowledge Base.