Make a RuneScape F2P Pure Str Pker

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 448
How you can make a player killing accont on runescape.

After you have decided on a name for your account, complete tutorial island without leveling any skills. It is faster on the mainland. Once you get onto the mainland, go to the chicken coop and kill chickens until 5 attack and 5 strength. It is also suggested to have at least 2000 coins after killing chickens. If not, continue picking up feathers and bones until you have 2000 coins worth of items. Do not bury bones because prayer can seem good but drag you down to a loser.

Now, sell the feathers and bones and buy a steel and a mithril scimitar at the grand exchange. Also, buy as much cooked trout as possible. Now, go down into the hole in barbarian village and make your way through the maze and get some coins as a reward. Climb down to the second level and do the same thing. But this time, there will be zombies that high very high, so eat your trout as needed. After receiving the reward, go back up to barbarian village, and head to the edgeville bank. After banking your money, go buy more trout an Amulet of Strength, and some iron armor if you want.

Now, equip your str ammy and steel scim (and iron armor if you bought some) then go kill the humans (level 2) near the edgeville bank. Train to 20 att and 20 str. Equip you mithril scimitar now and sell the bones at the grand exchange.

Alkharid is where you will go next. It is the desert where you have to pay 10 gp to get in. Head south until you see a place with lots of Alkharid Warriors (lvl 9). Fight them until 30 att and 50 strength. You can buy kebabs and use them as food for 1 gp each nearby. Pick up bones and bank them to earn money.

Now, go to the Grand exchange with your loads of bones and sell them all. You should be able to afford a rune scimitar. If you have money left over, buy lots of trout.

There are two things you can do now: 1-stay 30 att and train to 55 or 60 str, 2-train to 40 att and 60 str. One is not better than the other. Adamant is cheaper so if you decide to do number one, make sure you bring money into pvp worlds to up your stake. If you choose two, you need to earn money for a rune 2h (50,000).

Now go back into the barbarian village hole (Stronghold of Security) and go to the second level with the zombies. Do not step into he portal. Instead, go into the door to your right. Keep on going right, run past some zombies, and there will be a room full of flesh crawlers (lvl 35). Fight these because they can only hit one and have a stunning 25 hp! Get more food from your bank when you run out. Fight these until the level you desire. Do not go over 40 att. You will hit more often with 50 or 60 att, but people with 40 att will hit way higher than you can. Prayer will help, but people without pray will hit higher and remember, prayer runs out.

Once you have 70 strength, there are two things you can do. 1-train on monsters with higher hp, 2-stay at the flesh crawlers. I reccommend number two because it requires less food and less trips to the bank. Whenever you need money, just buy a brass key and kill some hill giants for their big bones. They are 450 coins each !

For pvping, you need to have your strength to be 15 levels or more higher than your attack to succeed. I suggest starting to pvp at 40 att 65 or 70 strength. Good luck !