Madden NFL 18 Debuted On The Top Of August Sales 2017

Date: Sep/20/17 14:52:04 Views: 998

EA was the best-selling publisher in August, and Madden NFL 18, which debuted on August 25, was the overall top-selling game for the month as well as for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In the past month, Nintendo Switch has sold out ahead of both the PS4 and Xbox One on the hardware side. In terms of game sales, EA's Madden NFL 18 simulation game is the best-selling title.



Sony has unveiled the best-selling game on the PlayStation Store in August 2017. After two months at the top of the charts, Crash Bandicoot finally knocked out the top spot on the PS4 list by the Madden NFL 18 and Hellblade: Sacrifice of Senua.


Not surprisingly, Madden 18 - America's favorite football game, won the top spot in the United States. But the Hellblade behind was a pleasant surprise. Ninja Theory's action-packed, but quite picky action game has even surpassed the ocean, taking on the PS4 top spot in the European market.


EA have managed to nail the presentation, with the Frostbite engine there are huge improvements to the lighting and character models. The in game UI has also had some improvements which is great, as there can be a lot to take in. The Frostbite engine makes a real difference to the graphics, especially noticeable is the lighting effects, with big stadiums full of floodlights it really make sure you feel like you are there.


The new story mode, Longshot begins with a prologue scene that sees protagonist Devin Wade, his best friend Colt Cruise, and Devin's father - played to perfection by Mahershala Ali - engage in some backyard football. From here, we skip to a very different stage of Wade’s life; his football career has come to an abrupt end, and he’s adrift in his home town with little to no direction.


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