Machinima Competition – Cast Your Votes!

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 45

The RuneScape Machinima Competition judges were this week faced with the tough challenge of reviewing all the entries and deciding which of the 1,000+ mini movies should place in the top five. Thirty-four hours of non-stop video, litres of coffee and a few ‘discussions’ later, the judges came out of their bunker, braved the sunlight and held aloft the six videos (it was too hard to handpick five) that they unanimously agreed to be their favourites.

Now it’s the turn of the RuneScape community to use this week’s player poll to decide which of the six finalists should win the grand prize. The poll will run for seven days, after which time we’ll announce the winner!

You can view the finalists in one of two ways. You can either find them on our “favourites” list on our YouTube channel (, or you can check them out by cutting and pasting the video links contained in the polls into your browser (we recommend opening the links in a new tab/window to avoid having to log out, and back into, the polls module).

Although we’ve had to settle on just six finalists, we fought over quite a few others. To see a selection of our favourites, we’ve created a new playlist on called “How We Lolled”.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the competition for making it such a great success. We can’t wait to launch the next competition!