Lookey-Likey Costume Competition Winners

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 468

Following last weekend, you may have noticed an influx in the number of fool-pitying players with serious gnomecopter phobias, white wizards who insist on players not passing them, or even scantily-clad warriors claiming that Gielinor is, in fact, Spartaaaa! If that’s the case, then don’t adjust your monitor, you’re not going mad. It’ll be all thanks to last weekend’s Lookey-Likey Costume Competition.

Over the weekend, players dressed up as their favourite characters (real or fictional, past or present) and sent us screenshots of their costumes. Then, on Sunday evening, a parade was held at Mudskipper Point for the 1,000+ entrants to show off their creations.

The competition closed at midnight on Sunday, and so began the task of finding the three most original, entertaining and creative entries. After lots of laughing, a little crying and some very poor impressions by the judges, we give you...

1st place:

Excluding the old janitor at the abandoned mine, this is probably everyone’s favourite hippy-and-talking-dog combo. Congrats to Mr_Kindheart for an instantly recognisable and original entry.

2nd place:

A great idea and nice attention to detail helped secure second place for Cassel_88, who managed to capture this image of the first ever boy band on their way to Fally Road Studio.

3rd place:

And in third place we have the appropriately named DrZoidbergMD depicting his sideways walking, fish-bone eating, woop-woop-wooping namesake from the future! I think it’s safe to say that it was the only lobster-based entry we received, which, in itself, makes it a winner to us!

Congratulations to you all!