Living Rock Caverns

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 566

Flowing meltwater from Ice Mountain, coupled with some rather over-enthusiastic dwarven mining, has opened up an entrance to what the dwarves have named the Living Rock Caverns. This previously sealed-off area offers a rich source of ore for the dedicated miner, plus two new species of fish for the keen angler.

The caverns are home to more than fish, however! The living rock guardians of the caverns take umbrage with adventurers plundering their home, so be on your guard, and beware of the rock of the caverns themselves! Particularly lucky (or should that be unlucky?) adventurers may even encounter a living rock patriarch, which are rumoured to wander the caverns in search of careless individuals to smite with its mighty fists.

Mod Rathe
RuneScape Content Developer


Where to access the Living Rock Caverns:
Enter the caverns at the northern end of the Dwarven Mine.


85 Fishing (to bait cavefish)
90 Fishing (to bait rocktail)
73 Mining (to mine living rock remains)
77 Mining (to mine concentrated coal deposits)
80 Mining (to mine concentrated gold deposits)
88 Cooking (to cook cavefish)
93 Cooking (to cook rocktail)
The ability to defeat level 120+ foes would be a distinct advantage

In other news...

We've added a caret (aka text cursor) to the chat box to allow you to move within any text you type to correct typos or insert extra words. To move the caret through your text either hold down 'Shift' and use the arrow keys, or simply click where you'd like the caret to be. This should save considerable time when correcting typos!

As promised in the RuneScape Content Live Q&A, we've increased the POH room limit from 30 up to 32. These two extra rooms become available at Construction levels 38 and 44 respectively.

The dragon pickaxe has been added to the list of items you can CoinShare via the LootShare system.

We've removed more delays (e.g. when drinking potions and running).

We've increased the shop stock of bone bolts.

Bounty Hunter worlds have been changed slightly to allow players to access the Grand Exchange area of the map for all your combat needs.