Live Developer Q&A: Mod Maylea

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 423

You may remember Mod Maylea from her work on Champions Challenge, Myths of the White Lands, Impetuous Impulses Improvements, Fur 'n' Seek, Stealing Creation, or maybe even the Lily of the Valley event.

Most recently, Mod Maylea's been working hard on the Elite Treasure Trails update and, as ever, there have been plenty of questions from you all asking about all manner of Treasure Trail-related joy. It is, therefore, Community Management's great pleasure to host a forum Q&A session with the lovely Mod Maylea herself.

So, if you've a question about Treasure Trails or Mod Maylea's previous projects, then please do come along to the Q&A session on Tuesday 28th September. We'll be kicking it off at 8pm (BST/official forum time) and will be there until either the coffee or the questions run out.

If you can't wait until Tuesday to ask your questions, though, don’t worry, as we've thought of that too. Just jump onto the Treasure Trails Q&A Questions thread right now and ask away