Limited Edition Chosen Commander Hoodies

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 354

Back when we launched the Chosen Commander quest in March, we quietly released a small number of limited edition hoodies, to see how many of you had eyes sharp enough to spot the new addition to the store.

These hoodies feature the mark of Bandos (which you may remember from Zanik’s forehead) and the face of Bandos himself!

For those unfamiliar with Bandos, he is the god of goblins, orks, ogres, and other brutal creatures (many of which are mercifully extinct). He identifies himself as a god of war, and the goblins refer to him as the ‘Big High War God’. The origins of his symbol aren't known, but it has been used to represent Bandos at least as long as he has had an influence on RuneScape.

We’ve still got a few hoodies left from the original batch made in March, so if you want to get one now is your last chance, as once they are gone they will never be made again.