Learn more about the functions of some weapons in runescape

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The Amulet of Farming is a slightly less powerful version of the Amulet of Nature. It can only be bound to one allotment or flower patch of your choice. Just like the Amulet of Nature, the Amulet of Farming will 'hum' to let you know if your patch has fully grown, become diseased, or died. You can purchase this from any farming shop for a small fee of 200M runescape gold. Please be aware that anytime you rub the amulet to check the status of your plants, it will use up one charge. The Amulet of Farming has a maximum of 8 charges, and once they are used up, the amulet will disintegrate.
Magic secateurs:
Upon completing A Fairy Tale Part I - Growing Pains, you will be rewarded with a pair of green Magic Secateurs. These special secateurs will give you a 10% harvest bonus on vegetables, herbs, and hops when equipped.
Falador Shield 2/3:
As a reward for completing all medium level Falador Achievement Diary tasks, you will get a Falador shield 2 that gives about 10% more Farming experience when growing/harvesting crops at the allotment south of Falador. When you complete all the hard tasks the Falador shield 3 will grant you the ability to trade mole claws and mole skins for white lily seeds fromWyson the gardener in Falador park. You MUST be wearing the shield to get this option.
Magic watering can:
Upon completing A Fairy Tale Part III - Battle at Orks Rift you will obtain your very own Magic watering can. This watering can offers unlimited watering unlike the regular watering can that you need to refill. This is a great tool for chain farming and is highly advised using if you have it. 
Additionally, as another reward to the quest, you can talk to any farmer across RuneScape to turn on/off the ability of your patches always being weeded. This is a great ability to have because it disposes of the need to carry a rake around while chain farming.