It is a fake advertisement

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 446
For the Christmas Day coming there is so many advertisements, such as to get your free gold even to get your free 500m runescape gold !do you believe?

If you believe that you must have been scammed! In order to sell more and more runescape gold during Christmas Day, most of sellers will advertise on their site ,you can see the free runescape gold and items everywhere ,you need to take care and tell which is the real one and which is fake one .

You had better ask your friend who put the order as usual ,and he can tell you which site is the safe one ,and which is not safe ,if a site is not safe ,its advertisement must be fake .at the same time I think you can believe us ,we have done this for 6 years ,we are safety so that  we hve so many customers ,you can find us on the intent ,and we can do what we have advised ,if your friend is a profession player ,he must know us !