I now have an altar and mounted glory

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 394

I now have an altar and mounted glory :3 It only took like 2 hours and 200k including buying the materials from NPCs

An NPC sells limestone bricks for 20-90 gp each (they rapidly rise in price as you buy, i buy 100 of the 1000 stock, then world hop as they reach 90+ gp ea) so I bought a lot and made Decorative rock (Requires 5 construction, gives 100xp per build, takes 5 limestone) over and over.

Runescape Gold

Seems both the NPC and the decorative rock are secret to many players as I see many guides recommend you build limestone fireplaces at level 33 (requires 2 bricks for 40xp), which is obviously objectively worse. Plus I had an offer on zybes to sell limestones and sold >100 for 2k each in small quantities, actually paying for my 2k+ store bought bricks, it was the laws that ending up costing most of the Runescape Gold (whilst providing decent mage xp)

Ahem, anyway, house + mounted glory does seem like the best combo. You get prayer, tele very close to a bank, and then a small walk to a fairy ring. Hell, if you don't need to bank, canifis house portal tele is actually very close to a fairy ring, closer than ecto and CW!