I introduce to you the Dragon Keepsake Box Update

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 506

I introduce to you the Dragon Keepsake Box! This marvellous invention enables you to equip an item and receive all its benefits – bonuses and all – while taking on the appearance of a different adornment!


Jagex announced that the Dragon Keepsake Box now works with weapons and shields as well, not only item of clothing. As we all know, using an item on the Dragon keepsake key can convert your equipment into a cosmetic override. When you have a weapon of a matching type equipped in the corresponding hand, your choice of weapon or shield will be displayed resplendently.

You'll find your box in the Customisation screen; found in the 'Equipped' tab. Visiting my store, you'll notice that I now stock Dragon Keepsake Keys – these are all you need to transform your items into fabulous cosmetic overrides.Simply use the item on the key and visit the Dragon Keepsake Box section of the Customisation screen. Here you can apply the cape as a visual override, while retaining the bonuses and effects of whichever cape you have actually equipped.

What's more, Dragon Keepsake Keys can be used to convert all manner of items – hats, capes, amulets, torso pieces, leg plates, gloves and boots – into fantastic cosmetic overrides.

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Please note, weapons can only override weapons of similar types, so you cannot override an axe with a sword. When an item is converted, it is stored in the Dragon Keepsake Box and cannot be equipped, traded, or lent while stored. Converted items can be reclaimed through the Avatar Customisation interface. Once an item is reclaimed, it will no longer be used as a cosmetic override. The Dragon keepsake key is consumed once it is used.