I also remember the first time I died in RuneScape

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 514

Do you remember a year ago, or even two? Remember a specific event, a level-up, a certain person or an attention-grabbing update? Have you ever looked back to your glory days, when Varrock and Falador were words that were unknown to you, when you needed a map to find your way round the free world, or the day you finally went through those member's gates for the first time (getting killed by a white wolf on your way to Catherby!).

I remember when myself and a few of my friends that played RuneScape together at the time got lost in Draynor Manor for a long time. We were all just following each other, like a train around RuneScape (we did that often, it was fun). We were all just starting, like level 10 or so, and one of our friends was level 30 or so, so we thought he was amazing, and he led us into Draynor Manor. We couldn't find the way out for the life of us. It was quite funny.RuneScape Gold.

I also remember the first time I died in RuneScape... I was just standing by the chicken coop with two of my friends, talking to them. I was burying the chicken bones, when all of a sudden a shade appeared. I had no idea what was going on, and by the time my level 30 friend told me to run, I was already dead.

The same level 30 friend also gave me a full set of steel armor when I was able to wear it, and I thought I was rich. Then another one of my close friends and I both mined coal in Barbarian Village and sold it in order to make enough money for rune armor. It was so exciting finally achieving the 200K milestone to afford rune.

I miss the old times in F2P with those friends. We'd all play together (these weren't friends that I met from RuneScape) and explore together. RS Gold. We all ended up getting members together, and I remember one of the friends telling me that you could get a cat in members, and I thought it sounded so cool. Two of the friends still play, they're both level 120+. I'm still close friends with them, but it's not the same as when we were all new to the game.

This topic is to remember all those times which linger in your memory and you wish to share with the community. Whether it be a big event or a small one, an event remembered by many or just a few, impersonal or personal, you can put them all in here. This topic, unlike the one in Community Discussion, is for in game memories only, the end idea being that we create a form of memory capsule, that others can read and learn about the history of the game through its best critics - you, the players, old and new.