how would u do if someone threaten u to hand over all your runescape gold

Date: Dec/03/13 12:06:38 Views: 645

Hello all our runescape friends ! have u ever image suddenly one day it was a gun pointed at your forehead, so you have to surrender your hands all the RuneScape game currency, then how would you do? This is not a hypothesis, but indeed such a thing happened long ago in the United States.



I read this article on a forum,it said that some day students in New York City's private Fordham University named David Emani and Jonathan Dokler got their "RuneScape" game 4.7 billion coins stolen by their classmates Humza Bajwa. Initially, Humza Bajwa tried to use a counterfeit bags to cheated of his gold, but to be recognized is counterfeit, so it came out a dispute between them ,after the dispute, Bajwa took out a pistol and pointed at David's head ordered him to call his classmate Jonathan Dokler asking him to trade all the runescape gold to Bajwa in game .

Although it was not a real gun, but also snatched virtual currency,Bajwa was still arrested which was in two robbery and larceny charges. Bajwa eventually face 15 years in prison.

The story is ridiculous for someone , but it indeed happend ,so if oneday some guy do the same thing to u , what will u do ?