How to make you look professional on cooking skill in runescape

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 498

As a runescape player, you might learn how to level up your cooking skill earlier. In this text, let’s show you something important to improve your skill. Also, in this process, you will earn much more runescape gold than usual. Keep on reading please.
Levels 15-25 you should move over to the barbarian village. Make sure you bring a Fly fishing Rod and feathers so that you can fish for pike or trout to cook. you are going to need about 130 pieces of trout or pike to cook, so make sure you bank them up in Edgeville when your inventory is full.
Levels 25-35 should be focused on cooking scrambled eggs. For this task, you will need Eggs and Bowls. Eggs and be bought at Culinaromancers chest or found in the chicken coops in Lumbridge. Bowls can be bought from the general store. you will need about 350 sets of eggs and bowls to get to level 35.
Level 35-50 you can make Wine. To do this you will need about 500 grapes and 500 jugs of water. A quick way to make wine is to do the following: Fill all the jugs with water, and takeout 14 from your bank. After getting grapes, take 14 out of your bank. Move one of the jugs of water or grapes to the bottom of your inventory, next to the opposite ingredient. Use the grapes with your jug of water until there are no more left and place them all back into your bank. Wait 15 seconds for the wine to ferment and you should receive the exp.
Level 50-99 Well...if you like lobster, you can sit back with your Lobster basket and fish away . Its going to take a whole lot of lobbies to complete this task. At higher levels you may want to consider cooking sharks but only after you have the cooking gantlets.