How to make gold in RuneScape

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 363
If you want to get RuneScape gold in game ,you can choose to pick mushroom in game .Every hour you should be able to gather to 350-400 mushrooms, and each mushroom can sell to 1 k runescape gold basically, so an hour you should get 300 k runescape gold above it. If you want to gather mushroom in Mort Myre, you should finish the requirements .your level of prayer should be 50 and desert treasure task should be finished.

First, you can use the Silver Sickle and magic spells to transfer you to home.

Second, fill your prayer points to altars, then use the family transfer matrix to caniffs.

Third, from caniffs bar out and go west, there is a Mort Myre .then you will find three rotten wood in the entrance of the Mort Myre, you can stand here to cast your sickle and gather the mushroom till your prayer used out have runescape gold.

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