How to Level Up woodcutting for f2p players

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 416
The first thing you should do is start is by cutting logs to up to level 15

when you get 15 woodcutting start cutting oaks till level 30 after that go to draynor to start woodcutting willows to about level 50 is going to be very easy to level up after that it might take a while to level up, I recommend you get to level to about 65 woodcutting before you start cutting yew logs because it takes to long to get a full inventory of logs. You can sell all the willows you cut or use them for firemaking.

I recommend Using them for firemaking is better because you’ll be able to train two skills, and also willows don’t sell that much. so after you get 65 woodcutting you can cut yew logs in edgeville or in varrock close to the grand exchange. there you will be able to train your woodcutting to higher levels. If you think it takes to long to cut yews and it does I got 88 woodcuting and it stills takes a long time. I recommend you become a member and buy a dragon hatchet and trust me you will woodcut way faster.