How to acquire a Party Hat in RuneScape

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 947
Have you heared about the crafting glitch that allowes you to atomatically recieve a free blue party hat? Read about it here.

The only way possible to have received a party hat is if you had played RuneScape when the party hat was possible to receive from a Christmas cracker, or if you have 300 mil to purchase a party hat. When party hats first came out, they were worth very little, around 18g. But now, many of the players who had received a party hat when they had played have quit the game, thus making party hats in limited supply. This limited supply has made the price of party hats go up, and they will continue to go up in the near future.

How this can be to your advantage; well, because of supply of party hats going down rapidly, it would be smart to purchase one in the near future so you can save it, and possibly have the last one in the game! Of coarse, party hats are expensive, so don’t feel bad if you can’t afford it.

The crafting glitch to get a free party hat: This does not exist. You may see a YouTube video of a player crafting a party hat with blue die, a needle, and cloth. This has actually been tampered with, and the cheat does not actually work. They also say you will need a specific crafting level to make the hat, but why would Jagex make such a ridiculous cheat? They wouldn’t, so don’t waste your time with this falsified cheat.