How much you know about cooking and fishing in runescape

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 534

In runescape, there are a lot kinds of skills and professions. Which skill you choose? While I know that you probably want to immediately start cooking elaborate feasts, but your basic cooking experience is pretty limited. You're going to be living on a TERRIBLE diet- meats and grain. To cook meat, the most basic form of food, you simply need to pick it up. You can buy runescape gold on our website, then change it to food in game when you need. You can get raw chicken, raw beef and raw bear (never been partial to the bear, myself). From there, you need a source of heat to cook the food. There are 2 options.

If you're more of the caveman type (you're limited to eating caveman food, at any rate), you can light yourself a fire. You can read a firemaking guide if you need help with that. However, the more sophisticated people use a range, which is a combination of stove and oven. Simply highlight your meat and click on the range. You'll cook your meat, vouila! Faster than a fire, but often inconvenient because there's not always a nearby range.

The other basic food is bread. Bread heals 4 HP instead of 3, but takes much longer to cook. To make bread, you first need some dough. Dough is a mix of flour and water. FLOUR- pick a piece of grain and drop it into a hopper (hoppers are found at the top of windmills and in the cooking guild). Operate the hopper and the grain becomes flour.

Get a clay pot and use it on the pile of flour at the bottom of the mill. Fish are the top cooking method- You catch a fish and you cook it. You can then either store it for later, or sell it off to someone. Or, if you're a combatant at heart, you can run off and use the food in battle.There's not a whole lot to say about fishing, except that every fish is just like a normal meat. Cook it on a fire. Nothing complicated about it! There are MANY levels of fish which can be found in a fishing guide.