How can you deal with buying runescape gold online

Date: Nov/29/13 11:45:55 Views: 686

As majorities of runescape players know, in a large extent, trading runescape gold online contributes to getting your account banned. Thus to avoid the condition, how can we do?


It can be understood that almost all the players are eager to get higher scores and upgrade their characters in the Runescape, thus trading runescape gold online seems more and more popular. However, have you ever consider the outcome of your trading gold online?



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It is no doubt that for most of the gold sellers, this is no big deal. For them it is a matter of losing a single level 3 player because they are constantly creating these mule players and using them on proxy servers. If one gets caught and deleted they have plenty more to take its place. This is why if you ever purchase gold from one of these sellers you will not see a higher level character giving you the gold.


It is obviously that what these mean for you is that your character will be permanently banned. So that level 73 character that you have been working on for months will be gone and all your hard work along with it. And there isn’t a single thing you can do about it. Jagex will not listen to your appeals because you broke the rules. The gold sellers will not care because they got their money and you got their gold. You will be out of luck.


They make sure that their higher level money making characters are never associated with the gold transactions themselves. They will then use these higher level gold maker accounts and have them trade with a shadow account. That shadow account will then trade with the gold trader account. This way the truly valuable gold maker account is always insulated and for the most part safe from scrutiny because it is never actually associated with the gold trader accounts.