High-level Herblore Potions

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 444

This week, high-level herbalists will find a variety of new, untradeable potions at their disposal. Using your increased knowledge of the Herblore skill, you will find you now have the ability to add tertiary ingredients to some potions to increase their effect.

These potions aren't just limited to stat boosts either. Have you ever wanted to take your godsword on dragon-slaying trips? Now's your chance, with the super antifire potion (at level 84). Are you approaching near mastery of the Herblore skill? If so, there’s a potion that may just ‘overload’ your entire body (at level 96) – dare you drink it?

On a side note, those who can mix the extreme magic potion will find it doesn't work in a similar way to its lower-level equivalents. When used, this potion will boost all offensive spell damage by 40% for a duration of six minutes, and will stack with magic staves that boost magic damage.

In other news...

As part of the conversion of the worn interface and inventory to a newer internal file format, certain items now have clearer right-click options when using them. For example, the amulet of glory now lists the four different destinations it can take you to instead of just saying 'Operate'.

The Game Engine team have made sure the player list is now randomised to prevent priority being given to some players over others because of their IP address.

You can now navigate around the world map using arrow keys.