Guide to The Fight Caves

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The Guide to the Fight Caves and how to get a Fire Cape.After reading this, you'll be able to receive your very own Fire Cape from the TzHaars! This will show you everything you need to know to obtain your very own Fire Cape .

If you've ever wanted the great Fire Cape, this is the perfect spot to find out how to get one. I will take you through my method of obtaining a Fire Cape, which is pretty expensive and requires stats that are pretty high for some players, but in the end it will be worth it because you will have the greatly renowned Fire Cape.

(Please Note this is not the only method of getting a Fire Cape, and that this guide will not be of much help to you if you are a pure)

(Please also note that you may not beat the Fight Caves on your first try, and that many high level people have tried and been unsuccessful, and that you should not get discouraged, with more experience at the Fight Caves you will eventually get the Fire Cape)


Though there are no recommended requirements to go to the fight caves, and though people have beat Jad with lower stats, the stats I recommend are:

80+ Range

60+ Prayer

70+ Defence

70+ Attack

You might also want a good amount of money to buy the equipment, because the method I'm showing you can be quite costly for some players.

SUGGESTED EQUIPMENT: (The items are ordered best to worst, respectively)

Helm: Verac's Helm / Torag's Helm / Helm of Neitiznot

Amulet: Amulet of Fury / Amulet of Glory / Holy Symbol or Unholy Symbol for Prayer bonuses

Body: Karil's Leatherbody / Black D'hide Body

Legs: Verac's Plateskirt / Torag's Platelegs / Proselyte or Initiate Platelegs for Prayer Bonus (not reccomended)

Boots: Ranger Boots / Bandos Boots / Dragon Boots

Gloves: Your best R.F.D. Gloves / Black D'Hide Vambraces

Ring: Archer's Ring / Explorer's Ring / Ring of Recoil

Cape: Ava's Accumulator / Ava's Attractor

Quiver: Around 2,000 Adamant Bolts / Broad Bolts (if you have 55 Slayer) / or around 2,500 Sapphire (e) Bolts

Weapon: Rune Crossbow

Shield: Toktz-Ket-Xil (obby shield) / Any Holy Book: Book of Balance, Holy Book, Unholy Book (does not have to be complete) if you want the higher prayer bonus / Granite Shield


1 Set of Full Guthan's (Guthan's Spear, Guthan's PlateSkirt, Guthan's PlateBody, and Guthan's Helm)

100-150 Diamond Bolts (e) which come in real handy when you're facing Jad

200 Purple Sweets

6 Saradomin Brews

15 Super Restore Potions

1 Ranging Potion (optional, can be replaced with a Saradomin Brew)


Okay, now that you are ready, make your way over to the TzHaar Pits located just east of Brimhaven. There is a bank inside the Pits just to fully prepare and get ready if you have not yet done so.

There are 62 waves of monsters you must defeat before you can fight the level 702 TzTok-Jad

Here's a list of the monsters you will be up against:

The Level 22 Tz-Kih

They have 10hp but drain 1 of your prayer every time they hit, so get rid of these as fast as possible. You should be able to 1-hit KO these. Attacks with melee.

When you kill this monster, 2 miniature versions of it spawn in its place, both level 22, also called "Tz-Kek"s, just weaker. It attacks with melee.

This is the weaker version of the Tz-Kek. Also attacks with melee.

This is an annoying monster because it can hit fairly hard sometimes. If you want to, you can pray range against these if you think they are hitting too hard. This monster uses ranged to attack.

This monster can sometimes heal itself, and can hit up to 25. It uses Melee to attack, and can often be trapped behind other monsters or one of the rocks sticking out around the Cave.

This is a monster that uses both Melee and Magic to attack. Always Pray Mage when this one is around, and dont' get close to it, because it's almost 100% chance that you will die from its Melee attack. Range this one down to death and again, be sure to pray Mage at all times while this one is in the Cave.

Anyway, the first 14 waves are easy, just keep full Guthan's on and you shouldn't even have to use prayer or potions here.

Waves 15-30 can be somewhat of a challenge, especially if your defence level is low. Always first kill the level 22 Tz-Kih's, because they drain your prayer. You can get the level 180's stuck behind one of the rocks or get them stuck behind another monster. In the waves when the 180's start showing up with the level 90's, get the level 180's stuck behind the level 90 Tok-Xil's while you kill them with your Guthan's. Next, you can get the 180 stuck behind a rock or one of the lvl 45s and range it to death. If you have a high Defence level, you can use your Guthan's to kill the level 180's, too. These waves shouldn't use up too much of your brews or restore potions. Just get the 180s stuck while you kill the level 90 rangers first, and then when you come to the two level 180's and cannot get them both stuck, pray and kill one quickly first, then get the second stuck and kill it using your range. Now the real challenging stages start.

When the level 360 Ket-Zek's are in the cave, always pray mage and never get near enough to them that they can melee you. Take care of the 22's first, as they drain your prayer, and you should be able to 1 hit kill them, and then immediately move on to the 90's, since they can deal quite a bit of damage on you. Remember to keep the 180's stuck behind a rock or another monster while you're doing all this. Then, if you can get the 180 stuck behind the 360, do so and range the 360 down do death. No matter what, keep your mage protect on, and do not get within a distance from the Ket-Zek's so that they can Melee you. After you kill the 90's, I would suggest to get the 180 stuck behind the 360, but if you cannot do so, kill the 360 first then pull out your Guthan's to finish off the 180 and lvl 45's.

Basically remember, unless you can somehow trap the others, the order you should kill the monsters is:

First the level 22's, next the 90's, then the 360's, after that do the 180's, and finally the 45's.

Once the wave comes with the two level 360 Ket-Zek's, beware because Jad is up next. Keep your Mage Protect prayer on, and you might want to drink a dose of your Ranging Potion or even equip your Diamond (e) bolts to finish them off as fast as possible.

The Final Battle: TzTok-Jad:

First of all, it is recommended that you have your volume on at this part. Depending on your levels, it will take between 2 to 3 hours to get here. You need to get Jad stuck on one of the rocks to prevent him from using melee, and so that he can only use Magic and Ranged. Drink a dose of ranging potion the second you kill the 360's, and quickly turn on the Protect from Missiles (Range protect) prayer, unless you hear what sounds like a wave spell sound. If you hear what sounds like a wave spell sound, immediately return to magic protect. HOT KEYS COME IN HANDY HERE, PRESS "F1" to change to your inventory and "F3" to change to your prayer list. You can also select a quick prayer if that would help. Prayer is the key here, because Jad is know to hit up to 97 if you don't have it. When Jad stomps his feet on the ground and you hear the stomping sound, this is when you must quickly switch to the Ranged protect prayer. If you see and orb-like object on his neck and a wave spell sound, quickly switch to Protect from Magic. Once you think you've almost finished him off, the battle gets even harder.

When you get TzTok-Jad down to half health (he has 250HP by the way), four level 108 healers will spawn and continuously heal him. Turn on "Long Range" on your crossbow, and focus on fighting the healers, because they'll then focus on fighting you instead of healing Jad. However, be sure to always pay attention to Jad's moves, and turn on protection prayers accordingly. This takes great skill because you must focus on healing yourself as well as praying correctly. This is where hotkeys come in most handy.


Once you defeat the healers, and finally defeat Jad himself, you'll be teleported out of the Cave and you will be awarded around 8K Tokkul and the awesome, rare firecape. This may take several tries to finally accomplish, but it will be worth it. Congratulations on your new Fire Cape!