Guide for Symbols and Sickles In Runescape

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 636

Holy Symbols
Holy Symbols are used in Prayer. To enchant it, you have to go to Brother Jered in the Prayer Guild, level 31 required. If you have your symbol with you, he will ask you if you want him to bless it. Blessing the symbol is free. The Prayer Guild is found upstairs in the Monastery west of Barbarian Village.( Runescape gold )

Unholy Symbols
To get the Unholy Symbol Mould, you have to talk to the Spirit of Scorpius in the Zamorak Worshipping Site north of the Observatory. You need to have done the Observatory Quest. This mould is not tradeable, and you can get it unlimited times. After you have made it and stringed it, Spirit of Scorpius can bless it. It gives +2 in all Attack stats and +8 in Prayer bonus.

Silver Sickles
You have to do the Nature spirit quest before you can make and use Silver Sickles. This item can also be blessed. To get it blessed, talk to the Nature Spirit grotto in Morty Myre swamp. The blessed Silver Sickle can be used to cast bloom. This is used to generate items for your Druit Pouch, and to fight Ghasts.

Tiaras are worn on your head, and are used in the Runecrafting skill as a talisman. You will not have to have a talisman in your backpack, which is usefull since you can use the free space for an essence. See our Runecrafting guide for more info.