Guide For Getting Free and Easy Tree Seeds In Runescape

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 529
In this guild you will find a way that will get you lots of tree seeds without wasting money, you will actually make profit.
Getting Free and Easy Tree Seeds

Have you ever wished to have one of those spirit trees? And how about a palm tree?In this guild you will find a way that will get you lots of tree seeds without wasting money, you will even make profit.Tree seed and Fruit tree seed can only be obtained by searching bird nests.There are many ways to get bird nests but I will only discuss the one truly effective – Kingdom Manage

Getting Started:

First of all you will need to have the following:

- Throne of Miscellania Completed

- Royal trouble Completed

- 1.5M Cash

- 100% Approval ratting

Note: This guide will not explain how does kingdom manage work on its totality, so if your unsure on how to use it please make sure you see a guide about it.

The Process:

-First make sure you put your approval ratting at 100% (Cutting maples is the best way to do this).

-After this go talk to adviser Grim and deposit your 1.5m in the Royal Coffers as well as putting 10 workers on maples and the rest on flax.

It should look something like this:

In case you don’t know your workers take 75k coins of the coffers each day which is 750k in 10 days.

Important Notice: Never let your coffers money go below 750k or you will not get as much supplies as expected.

- After talking to Grim go back to your Runescape business and come back the next day.

-The next day go talk to Grim and ask him to collect the supplies and you will have got bird nests full of rare seeds!

But now you say “Hey that wasn’t free I paid 75k for them”True but wrong if you sell the supplies you got along with the nest you will see you have more than enough to pay back the 75k.

-Now to do this at a less time consuming way just come back every 10 days to:

- Collect your supplies

- Put another 750k in the coffers

- Sell the supplies you got (750k)

- Raise your approval ratting to 100% (Approval rating drops 1% every day. Don’t let it go below 90%!)

- Do whatever you want meanwhile

Now here is and example of a week supplies

And if your thinking if this really works then just the my seed section. Thanks for your reading,these are collected from other websites,hope that it can do you a favor to get tree seeds and can make much more money for your character in Runescape !