Golden Gnome Video Awards Results

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 428

In the build-up to RuneFest we held two competitions: a Gallery competition and the Golden Gnome Video Awards. In the latter of the two, players were asked to submit videos under one of six distinct categories for their chance of winning a Big Ticket (a trip to visit Jagex in the UK), lifetime RuneScape membership, a RuneFest goody-bag and a coveted Golden Gnome award!

Unsurprisingly, the response from the community was fantastic, and we soon found ourselves whiling away mornings, afternoons and evenings reviewing entries to choose our finalists.

On the day of RuneFest, the Golden Gnome awards ceremony itself was held live in front of the RuneFest audience, who would also be deciding the ultimate winner of each category. After much laughter, clapping and cheering, the winners of the 2010 Golden Gnomes were chosen.

And the winners are (drum roll please!):

  • Animation RSMV: Josh1391
  • Animation Short Story: Mino Tauros
  • Live Action RSMV: KKComics
  • Live Action Short Story: 1Carrot
  • Machinima RSMV: Neon Slay
  • Machinima Short Story: Robz

We were astounded by the level of creativity, humour and general video-making skill displayed throughout the competition and we’d like to thank everybody who entered.