Gods Exposed Competition Results

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 438

Gods Exposed is the entertaining video series made by Canada’s premier machinima master, TehNoobShow. To celebrate the release of its tenth instalment, we hooked up with him to run two competitions, one to test your art skills, the other to test your monkey vocal stylings.

The Gods Exposed Movie Poster Competition

We received stacks of brilliant posters which really made choosing winner really very tough. Eventually we managed to agree on a winner and so it’s a great pleasure to announce that Teh Kipzee, you’re a winner!:

2011’s first gallery will show some of the finalists from the competition and will be a bumper edition as really, choosing just eight was too hard (I did say it was tough!).

Click on the image above to see the full size version in all its glory.

The RuneScape Gods Exposed Monkey Voice Acting Competition

This competition invited you to bring out your inner monkey by becoming Randy the smack-talking raccoon's friend, “Monkey”. We had so many entries that I now daren’t even look at a monkey, let alone speak about its bananas. The final decision was down to TehNoobShow himself who decided that the chosen monkey voice was the one he’d had in his head all this time. We're still waiting to find out the player's RuneScape name, so we'll come back to you on that ;)

So, sit back and enjoy this awesome portrayal of the monkey in Episode 10 of RuneScape Gods Exposed by TehNoobShow available on our YouTube channel right now.

On behalf of Tehnoobshow, Hohbein and myself, thanks to everyone who took part in both Gods Exposed competitions. We had so much fun judging them and now can’t wait to get stuck into our next competition. Talking of which, if you missed the Movie Poster comp but want to put your artistic tendencies to good use, don’t forget that we’ve got a T-shirt design concept contest to celebrate 10 years of RuneScape.