Get to a High Combat Level in Runescape

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 490
lv 3-10
First go to the training dummys and attack them. attack them until it says you cant learn anything more from hitting a dummy. if your not level 10 after this train on chickens until your level 10.

lv 10-15
You should start training on cows pick up the hides because they worth 150 gp each and bank them and then sell them after you have 100. do this until your level 15.

lv 15-25
Remember the cow hides you had? sell them now and buy the best armor you can equip. now you should start killing al kharid guards do this until your level 25.


Train on varrock guards until level 30. train your defense because then you can buy better armor and weapons. buy the best weapons and armor you can afford.

Start training on hill giants now until level 40 sell the limpwurt roots because there 1.4k each.

Train on barbarians they usualy dont drop anything good so dont pick anything up except for the gold.

You should start woodcutting yews now for cash to buy full rune. After you have full rune train on ice warriors and do all the free quests inluding dragon slayer.

Train on lesser demons until level 70 this is decent cash for your level since they drop rune medium helms. at your level I recomend becoming a member now. The guide now splits into 2 sections.

p2p(pay to play aka members) :

lv 80-136
Now train on tzhaars they are dangerous so I recommend bringing tuna. This is the best way for cash besides green dragons and god wars dungeon its better than yew logs and magic logs. you should do this for money but i recommend training some skills also. for you should be able to make your own decisions for what monsters you want to fight now. This is the end of the guide for members.

Non members:

Keep training on lesser demons because thats the best monster you can train on for free to play. I still recommend becoming a member.

Thank you for reading my guide I will be making a guide for were to find all the monsters from this training guide.

I hoped this guide helped you.