Get Free RuneScape Membership with Your Amazing Skills

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 474
Want a free runescape membership?

Well, the answer is here on triond. Triond is a free online website where you can publish your research, poem, writing and more! Also you can earn money for every view you get. All you need is a good writing skill and off you go with three easy steps.

Firstly, create a paypal personal account because you will need it for money crediting. Paypal is a free money managing account that stores your money, credit and debit with cash. You can create your account on and remember to fill in with your right details so that in case they have a problem they can contact you.

Secondly is to create a Triond account. Now this is a very important part because this will be your source of income. After you have created it, go to account on the top right tab and select your payment method as paypal. Then use your writing skills to write articles until you've reach the required amount of 1 month runescape membership. Remember the more articles you post the faster you'll reach your target amount.

Finally when you've reached the right amount, go to and choose upgrade to member and then log in your runescape account information. After that select pay by paypal and then happy gaming.