Gallery News – June’s exhibition

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 27

It was great to see so much beautifully crafted artwork this month but we were fascinated the most by “Unicorn Love” by Ria Velatina making it the winner of June’s Gallery!

It wasn’t the only picture that impressed however. To see other exhibited artworks, go to Player’s Gallery.

We do not take any holidays with organising the Gallery, so do not miss your opportunity for next month. Although we realise that artists do not like to be restricted in their inspirations, the only advice we offer this month is to bring a Fremennik influence into your work but do not feel you have to just stick with that. So long as you submit your works of art to us by 1st August at [email protected]

You would win not only fame and glory but also can get a “Jagex goody bag”, a certificate and unique artwork designed by our RuneScape artists.