Free-to-play Quest Changes

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 426

The Swept Away and Myths of the White Lands quests have been made permanently free-to-play! These two quests were created, respectively, to go alongside the Halloween 2008 and Christmas 2008 holiday events, and were available to free-players during the two weeks of the event, before becoming members-only quests. Any free-players who missed out on the opportunity to play these quests before can now do so at their leisure.

These two quests have been made permanently free-to-play to replace Sheep Shearer and Witch’s Potion, which are now no longer classified as quests for anyone, as we no longer feel they’re up to the standard of other quests. Although Sheep Shearer and Witch’s Potion no longer appear in the Quest List, adventurers can still undertake them for their experience and item rewards (by talking to Fred the farmer in Lumbridge or Hetty the witch in Rimmington).

Myths of the White Lands and Swept Away will each award either 1 or 2 Quest Points, depending on your progress through Sheep Shearer and Witch’s potion before the update. No one will lose any Quest Points due to this change.