Forums Reshuffle

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 396

During the last year or so, it has become apparent that our forums are just too busy and fast-moving for most of our forum-users’ needs. This can lead to frustrations such as spending a long time creating a thread only for it to disappear off the forums after a couple of days, or threads receiving lots of ‘spam’ or off-topic posts from people who are less invested in a particular discussion.

As a result, we have created communities within the forums based on your in-game levels and membership status. To start with, there are three member communities and one free-to-play communities. Each of these forum communities enables players with similar in-game levels to discuss tactics and general game discussions relevant to their levels.

In addition to the new communities, there are still shared forums accessible by all players, where you’ll be able to meet with your clan mates, organise events and roleplaying, trade, and ask other players for help. We will be looking to offer more forums to our growing language communities.

We are planning to gradually bring more free-players into the forum community, so that they too can join in and get involved with organising events and contributing to general game discussions and advice. We may also look to create more forum communities in the future.

All of these changes should help to improve the pace of the forums, but, most importantly, improve your experience on our forums by creating like-minded communities with similar levels of knowledge and experience. Maybe you’ll even make some new friends in the process!