Foreman Jaak awaits adventurers

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Just within the entrance to the Mine, Foreman Jaak awaits adventurers looking to help. Talk to him, and he'll explain that particular segments of the lava channels which make up the power plant sometimes cool, causing for the lava to harden and form a crust; the crust creates a blockage which inhibits the flow of lava, and must be mined away for the plant to function properly.

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There are 4 main lava channels (labelled A, B, C, and D on the map), and each channel is divided into 8 segments (labelled 1-8). Jaak can be spoken to in order to learn which channel is having lava flow problems, but he is unable to specify in which segment the problem is occurring. However, there are steam gauges attached to each segment, and by reading these, players can discover where to mine on their own. Speaking to Jaak for information is generally a waste of time, since it's faster simply to run around the mine and read the steam gauges.

Note that any segment can be mined, but the greatest experience is earned through mining segments closer to the source of the problem. The steam gauge attached to the segment with the blockage will have a reading of 50%, and so it is recommended to look for this. Segments far away from the blockage or in another channel entirely have readings of 100%, while nearby segments will have readings of 60, 70, 80, or 90%. When searching for the source, take notice of any reading other than 100%; once you've found such a segment, check the others in that same channel (the segments aligned to the north and south of your position), and you will find the blockage. runescape gold.

When mining lava crust, you will keep mining until you have received experience ten times. You will have to click the crust again to continue mining. Players can continue to mine at the lower % segments until another blockage starts to form at a different location. Notice of this is given via a message in the chatbox (written with red text), so begin searching again once you receive the message.