Fish Flingers

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 562

Fish: what do they mean to you? Perhaps they’re your primary source of income, having fashioned yourself a career in angling. Perhaps they’re your main expense, as you munch your way through death-defying combat encounters. Whatever they mean to you, there is a band of expert fishermen who are simply keen to spread the joy that fishing brings them. As such, they have opened their little-known island, Isla Anglerine, for regular ‘Fish Flingers’ fishing competitions that are open to the masses. Doing well in these competitions will reward you with Fishing XP, raw fish and tackle boxes - useful for keeping your fishing gear tidy.

If you spend time around Catherby or the Fishing Guild, then you’ll occasionally find expert fishermen wandering around, who will be happy to give you more information about Fish Flingers and teleport you to Isla Anglerine. The competitions run every 90 minutes, with the island’s waiting area opening five minutes before each competition starts. You don’t need to bring any equipment, and there is no need to store any items in the bank before playing.

What makes the island ideal is the schools of unusual fish subspecies it attracts. With the tackle box provided, can you find the ideal tackle for each type of fish? Should you use worms or crickets as bait? Which hook is best? How far from the shore are the largest fish? Are they at the docks or perhaps the beach?

Select your tackle and cast your line, then refine your technique to land more and bigger fish than your competitors. There’s everything to play for as you accumulate medals and awards for various feats. Make sure you use your time in the competition wisely, though, as to give everyone a fair chance the expert fishermen have limited each avid angler to ten competitions a week.

As well as a healthy dose of raw fish and raw Fishing experience, with time, you’ll also gain the opportunity to purchase tackle boxes, items that should make fishing trips a more organised affair.