Even if your priority level is very high to join the game

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Players trying to do an emote, or trying to blow the Penance Master Horn in the arena receive the message, "This is a battleground, not a circus." This could be a reference to the play Les Misérables in which the main character Jean Valjean says, "This is a Factory, not a Circus." in the song At the End of the Day.

Players attempting to trade with any other players in the arena will receive the message, "This is a battlefield, not a marketplace!"

There exists a glitch in which if the player is directly between any barrier and the camera view, his or her body will appear to dissipate along with the barrier animation.

Soul Wars was one of the locations where zombies would spawn during The Dead Walk events, Halloween 2011.

Even if your priority level is very high to join the game, there's a small chance you would be able to enter the current game.

If you are in a game of Soul Wars or doing the tutorial for it, and you have on a helmet or hat that is tall (e.g. Helm of Neitiznot), you'll be able to see the full helmet or hat exceeding the chat interface.

If someone sits outside of the refreshment station in a game of Soul Wars with a Steel Titan familiar, sometimes their familiar will attack the player's own team mates whilst they try to take bandages.

On January 11, 2012, after an update, there was a glitch that resulted in grave markers being left upon a player's death, and many players lost items. This glitch was patched within an hour.

Strangely, ghosts have a thumb and hands, despite players only having a closed fist.(This is no longer true as of September 4th 2012)

The Soul Wars portal in Edgeville looks a lot like a Pest Control portal.

Despite being a minigame that doesn't allow non-combat equipment, the pyrefiends and jellies still have a chance of dropping a spin ticket.

Prior to 25 October 2011 ('Bot Nuke Day'), Soul Wars games on official worlds would often suffer from lag, particularly in crowded areas such as the soul obelisk. After the Bot Nuke, however, lag decreased due to the reduction in bots using Soul Wars.

One Soul Wars minute is around 85 seconds, or 1 Minute and 25 seconds in real time. This makes one Soul Wars game add up to 25 minutes. This is possibly because Soul Wars worlds are prone to server lag causing the timer to count down slower.