Easy and Basic RuneScape Quest -Goblin Diplomacy Guide

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This is the guild for the easy yet some what challanging quest Goblin Diplomacy.

Goblin Diplomacy

 Difficulty: Easy


 A decent combat level (10-20+), about 500gp (don’t worry you wont need to use all of it, unless you choose the faster more expensive ways), red, blue, and yellow dye (I’ll tell you how to make those), and about 10 goblin mails (I’ll tell you how to get these as well)

 Location of quest:

Rusty Anchor Bar (In Port Sarim)

(South of Falador, east of Draynor and west of crafting guild

 Who are you doing the quest for?

 The bartender in the bar in Port Sarim

 (If you can’t find the bar just go on the world map and look for the beer glass in the Port Sarim area, the go there and the bartender will be the man behind the counter holding the beer glasses.)

 Objective of this quest:

 Business has been bad at the bar, because the treat of a goblin war has scared away the customers.The goblins have been arguing about what color their armor should be.

You need to help the goblin generals decide on an armor color.

 How to get Dyes

 Before you head to the village you’ll need to get some dye ready. There two ways to do this

1.)    The first way to do this is go to the Grand Exchange in Varrock and buy three of each (this is a much faster way, sadly it’s the more costly one at that cause it’ll cost you over 1,000 gp)

2.)    The second way is to get 20 red berries, 20 onions, and 20 woave leaves. (you won’t use all of these but get some extra just incase) + (to get woave leaves you’ll have to offer the Gardner in Falador park (Wayne) about 20gp (+) depending on you offer choices.) (In order to get red berries you’ll need to go to the same place you got the cavara berries for Juliet in the quest Romeo & Juliet.) (To get onions just go to the mining rocks to the left of the berry bushes and head south across the bridge, from there you should see some cows go down more till you see a farm and go a little bit farther till you see a gate by the pond, from there just pick up the grass looking objects in the ground.)

  (If you just went to the Grand Exchange and bought your dyes then skip this next part)  Now after you have all your ingredients go back to Draynor and go to the witch (her house is right above the old wise man, plus if you look at the sky view map (the thing on the top right side) you’ll be able to see two red dots just go to the area their in and you’ll find the witch.)

 From here talk to her and ask her if she can make you red, blue, and yellow dyes. (Unfortunately she does each dye individually so you’ll have to repeat this process and you’ll have to pay I think 5gp each dye but I’m not completely sure about that.) After she makes you the dyes go find the goblin village (It’s a little bit North or Doric’s house (the Dwarf from Doric’s quest) and below the wilderness boundary line.) + (if you look on the world map I think they have it labeled so that could also be used if necessary.)

 Dye Combinations:

Having the red blue and yellow dyes won’t be all you need to beat this quest. You’ll also need to know how to combine the dyes.

Here are the main combos:

Red + blue = purple

Blue + yellow = green

Yellow + red = orange

 Plus you might want to make one of each of these colors first just so you have them ready.

How to get Goblin Mail

 An easy way to get goblin mail is to kill a goblin in the village.

(Don’t worries if it’s red or green the color can still be changed) Or you can just kill any goblin you find (watch out it may take a while so be patient and use the time to get any items you need from the goblins and get some experience from it.)

 Plus you’re also going to need one brown goblin mail for the end of the quest.

How to Change Goblin Mail Color

In order to apply the dye’s color to the goblin mail you’ll need to right click the dye you want and click use and then click the goblin mail.

 Goblin Mail can be changed more then once.

Continuing the quest:

After all of this head to the Goblin Village (if your all ready there then stay their)and go North to the big house and talk to anyone of the Two generals and do what they say. (Their going to ask you to bring them a certain colored goblin mail so just color the goblin mails in the way the generals want and go from their.)

 After they finally make their decision you’ll finish the quest.

 CONGRADULATIONS you finished last Goblin Diplomacy !


 5 Quest Points

200 crafting experience & A gold bar


 An easy way to get goblin mail is to either kill a goblin in the village or buy it from a store, Grand Exchange, or get it in a trade with other players

(Caution they may cheat you)

Hint:Goblin Generals are hard to please, so having a back up choice will save you time