Duel Tournaments Rework

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 556

Duel Tournaments have undergone a little bit of an overhaul. Everything will look the same, but we've been working under the hood to make some improvements to the mechanics of this minigame. The changes are as follows:

On entering the Duel Tournament waiting room, you will now be assigned to a single registrar. This assignment is partially based on combat level, but also on many other factors.

The registrar you are assigned has a Tournament Rank cap. You will not be able to gain rank beyond that cap until you move on to the next registrar. The best way to move up a registrar is to train your combat skills.

Registrar caps are as follows:

  • Registrar 1: rank cap of 1999
  • Registrar 2: rank cap of 2499
  • Registrar 3: rank cap of 2999
  • Registrar 4: rank cap of 3499
  • Registrar 5: no rank cap

Please note that you will not lose any rank due to this update if it is currently above your assigned registrar's cap. To remind yourself of your current cap, simply examine your assigned registrar.

We also now record when your rank passes a multiple of 500, which is referred to as a rank milestone. This milestone will be saved so that if you lose a tournament, and that loss would take you below your milestone, your rank will simply be set to the milestone amount. For example, if you had reached a Tournament Rank of 1045, your milestone rank would be recorded as 1000. If you subsequently lost a tournament which would reduce your rank by 50 points, it would only drop your rank down to 1000, since that is the last milestone you reached.

Finally, the most exciting change: we now reward the entrant who places second in a tournament with 20% of the entry fees! Now all your hard work will get some reward.