Do something valuable to bring old school Runescape back

Date: Dec/07/13 13:48:47 Views: 709

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It might enhance player populations but most of the population declines are because a lot of players played runescape 2007 out of nostalgia that has since worn off and this game doesn't convince new players to players to join runescape 2007 instead of runescape 3 or league of legends.



runescape 2007


We hope that what will happen though is a steady population size between 10k and 30k will appear with those updates though. The stat reset button is rather convenient but could mess with the high scores very fast, also could mean game over for many people if hacked and there’s nothing stopping a hacker resetting stats.


Revival is always in need, people who came for nostalgia have no high level content to stay for. I would come back to runescape fairly fast if godwars was introduced again, the godswords were always my favorite items in runescape. But whether I would stay is another matter. Said it before will say it again, no permanent end game goal, all items will eventually crash due to supply always increasing.