Details of the classes in the game runescape

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Even though you are a beginner of Runescape,you must have known the classes of it.However,as the detail of the classes,you’d better be grasped.Well, the following narrtions is mainly about the mage.


The mage combat class is further divided into two subclasses: the Ancient Mage, user of Ancient Magicks, and the Wizard, user of modern magics, for combat related activities. Lunar Mages also exist, utilising the Lunar Magicks; however, the Lunar spellbook, as detailed below, is oriented towards non-combat activities. Players using the modern magic spell book have general spells for reducing a foes combat skills, temporarily binding an opponent to a square, and doing damage and teleports.



Mages generally wear robes for armour and wield staves for weapons.A mage, or sorcerer, uses the Magic combat style and is strong against warriors but weak against rangers.And as the runescape items,players can require them in you own way. However, robes and a staff aren't what make a mage powerful, rather their potent array of spells. To cast spells, mages use runes; stones that are magically-energised.


Players who use the ancient spells are looking to counter-act all players instincts to run. Note that you have to complete the Desert Treasure quest before you can use the Ancient Magicks spell book, and Lunar Diplomacy to use some Lunar Magicks. The others require the quest Dream Mentor to use.