Court Cases

Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 660

After your shenanigans in the courthouse during the King’s Ransom quest, you might think the Seers’ Village court would think twice about inviting you back, but it’s a good thing for you that justice is blind! They’ve opened their doors to adventurers once more, as they need prosecutors and defenders to help whittle down their backlog of cases.

To get back in the swing of things, speak to the court clerk for your first case: Roger Murray Vs Mugger (level: 6). The law has finally caught up with this notorious brigand, and you must decide whether to bring him to justice or stand up for the little guy. To win you will have to match fingerprints, ask your witnesses the right questions and present the evidence that best supports your case, then appeal to the Jury member most likely to empathise with your argument.

Don’t think it’s just Mugger (level: 6) going under the gavel. Many of RuneScape’s most famous (and infamous) residents will soon be having their day in court. Is the Drunken Dwarf a menace to the community or just a loveable, sozzled old fool? Is the river troll perfectly within his rights to defend his property or simply a crazed, fish-smelling vigilante? Pick your side and state your case.

After sealing Mugger (level: 6)’s fate in your first case, keep an eye open while skilling and killing for a court summons drop. These can be received as drops, from Treasure Trails and fishing caskets, or by pickpocketing certain NPCs – check the Game Guide for more information. Each summons you receive will give you access to a new case; just show it to the court clerk when you get one. There are five cases available to complete now, but, before too long, another eleven cases will find their way into the judge’s hands, so get cracking.

For all your hard work, you’ll be amply rewarded. Choosing to defend will give you Defence XP and prosecuting the guilty will get you Attack XP – the amount of XP you receive relates to the difficulty of the case. As well as XP, some cases may reward you with a little something extra: expect to eat humble pie, try on some new wigs, and receive other such useful items.