Date: Oct/23/13 09:38:35 Views: 680

Due to recent casualties suffered during the events of Quiet Before the Swarm and A Void Dance, the Void Knights have an urgent need for new commanders to lead them into battle. Such is their need that even the un-enlisted, such as yourself, are welcome to take part in their Conquest training program.

Conquest puts you in command of a squad of Void Knights in a turn-based, player-vs-player, tactical war game. Every budding commander begins with an equal number of resources with which to build their squad – choose your troops and set their starting formation, then pick a number of game-changing special Commands to help turn the battle in your favour.

With the composition of your squad decided, lead it into battle against other commanders to prove your leadership skills. Conquer your opponents and you will make your mark on the high score table and earn Commendations, which you can trade in for combat skill experience and Void Knight equipment. There’s even a new Void Knight shield called the deflector, which is unique to Conquest. As you only need to wear three pieces of Void armour and one of the helms to get the set effect, this new shield gives you more options to mix and match your Void Knight gear.